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About Trade CX

Operating since 2015, TradeCX provides the flexible, robust platform for traders looking to maximize their market performance.

We use cutting-edge technology to deliver an outstanding trading platform that gives you the edge. In a competitive market, speed is everything, and out trading infrastructure guarantees you will be ahead of the pack. When you need fast order fills in precise trades, we don’t let you down. In fact, with our exceptional speed and reliability, we open new opportunities for traders in any market today.


Our Goal

We are market experts who are aiming to give you the tools that will unlock your trading, giving you the chance to stay ahead of the game and make the profits you deserve. Our platform, performance and educational tools are there to ensure your trading experience is second to none.



With our support, through the cutting-edge platform and our educational assistance, you will never trade alone again. TradeCX will help you turn an idea into a career, with account management and trading strategies that have a proven history of success.


Exchange Services

Low latency trading that allows the use of all advanced trading techniques, delivering a streamlined, robust and easy to manage exchange platform that allows our clients to explore the opportunities available across all markets. Our tools enable your success.

The TradeCX Advantage

With our platform powered by cutting-edge technology and our trader friendly approach, we deliver the trading experience you need to stay ahead of the market. Even when the pressure is on and time is everything, we deliver the response you need. Our community and educational services are second to none, giving you the robust support that helps you achieve your goals. With fast execution and focused dedication, TradeCX deliver the trading package that makes the difference. If you are tired of slow order fulfilment and a lack of support, TradeCX are the number one solution today, giving you the trading environment that ultimately leads to success.

How to Get Bitcoins

TradeCx is operated by gurus in the Cryptocurrency trading business. These consist of people who have over 53 years of Wall Street experience and huge Earn Bitcoin Online is trading success. In a bid to establish one of the world most active and most technologically advanced Bitcoin business environment, we recruited the finest in the industry. Our established team consists of professionals with a background in different principal areas like engineering, coding and investment banking.

The main aim of setting up this platform is to help new and existing Cryptocurrency traders to succeed. We are committed to helping you our esteemed investors, gain more experience in Online Cryptocurrency trading (Bitcoin) and earn more profits by making use of the best online currency trading platforms in the world. Our online trading platform is an upgrade of whatever platforms you may find elsewhere on the internet. We have seen firsthand, what other platforms are like and how traders struggle to trade. With this in mind, we successfully created a better option to help serve you better and expose you to the untapped potential of Bitcoin trading.

Our philosophy is still and would remain continual upgrade of our trading platform and software to unveil the latest technology and security features. We will also continue to provide 24/7 customer service support for our new and existing clients.

The founders of this brokerage have used their solid reputation and vast network of contacts built over the years due to their involvement in the market, to recruit only the finest, hardworking and experienced brokers, traders and analysts available. However, all these put together, enable us to consistently provide the right support for better and stress-free online trading.

The many years of testing different systems and employing different third party strategies paid off eventually. Now we have one of the best systems and trading signals in the world that make trading more attractive. We make use of any tool we find that can increase profit for our investors. That is why we provide a variety of additional options, Best Bitcoin Wallet ranging from Cryptocurrency trading and education, arbitrage units and other exchange services.

Cryptocurrency Prices

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Cryptocurrency Price 24h % Change 24h Volume (coin) Supply
Bitcoin 9,290.06 $ 14.44% 218,087 BTC 923,629
Monero 407.13 $ 16.17% 1,223,367 ETH 663,133
DigitalCash 7.47 $ -1.09% 3,352 XUC 427,132
Veritaseum 0.22 $ 20.80% 211,418,299 XRP 719,280
Ripple 84.22 $ -14.56% 36 VERI 218,887
Exchange Union 709.31 $ -1.18% 125,361 DASH 427,132
Ethereum 78.97 $ 20.55% 2,281,288 LTC 719,280
Litecoin 156.32 $ 1.18% 255,226 XMR 218,887

Where Can I Buy Bitcoins

TradeCx is one of the Best Way to Buy Bitcoin in the world, established at a time where technological innovation and trust are the order of the day.

The high competition has molded us into becoming one of the finest Cryptocurrency brokerages in the world. We currently have hundreds of clients across the globe; North America, Europe, and Africa. We have maintained trust and good business relationship with our investors all these years and look to continue in that stead.

Our system is safe and secure. And we offer top-notch security system with regular and encrypted back-ups to keep all data safe. We do nightly third-party security audits and have a master-recovery plan in place when the need to use such arises.

We are always seeking new strategies and methods that will enhance the trading experience on our platform. We have worked hard in the area of security and have earned the trust of all our investors on that aspect. Whatever you deposit in your account is safe, and you can log in anytime from anywhere.

Our team consists of professionals who have an eye for excellence. We have a high standard in place where only a small percentage of the methodologies and strategies other brokers use, make it through our screening process. However, we adopt only proven strategies that can help our clients grow their capital.

Where Can I Buy Bitcoins

Investing in Bitcoin trading is an excellent way to build capital, giving the geometrical growth witnessed by the Cryptocurrency every year. The number of investors moving into this Cryptocurrency trading is growing, offering a great opportunity for early investors.