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Minimum Investment - $500

Risk Level - Low to Medium

Redemption Period - Any Time


Instantly Access - Our Investors

Performance Fee - 20%-40%

Management Fee- 0%

Bitcoin Managed Accounts

Join our winning team now and experience trading through our award-winning platform, providing safe, secure solutions for currency trading today and into the future

Trading can be a time-consuming process, especially if you are still learning, with market research, price monitoring and so on essential to enjoy successful trades. If you are trying our currency trading as you simply don’t want to miss out on the opportunity, this can be frustrating, knowing there are profits to be gained, but still needing to learn how to find them. However, TradeCX have a solution for this, our managed accounts provide all the benefits of currency trading without the need to invest time you do not have.

Our professional analysts will trade your account for you to deliver profitability and peace of mind, and with a range of options available, there is a risk/reward balance to suit any need. Your options are as follows:

In addition to the choice of managers and approaches, there are two specific types of account –

Manager №5566

  • Risk: Low-Medium
  • Min investment: $2,000
  • Avr. Monthly Growth :+14.74%
  • Max. Drawdown: 9.30%
  • Performance Fee: 20%

Manager №1455

  • Risk: Low-Medium
  • Min investment: $1,000
  • Growth : 74%
  • Avr. Drawdown: 1.36%
  • Performance Fee: 25%

Manager №1673

  • Risk: Low
  • Min investment: $2,500
  • Growth : 23%
  • Avr. Drawdown: 7.36%
  • Performance Fee: 30%

Manager №1681

  • Risk: Medium
  • Min investment: $5,000
  • Growth : +81.36%
  • Avr. Drawdown: 8.15%
  • Performance Fee: 30%
Traditional Managed Account

Here, your funds are placed into the market and traded carefully, providing slow and steady growth. This requires a minimum deposit of $20,000 or the Bitcoin equivalent, and that principal deposit must remain within the account for a duration of no less than two years before initiating a withdrawal of the principal.

After four months of operating, you can, however, begin withdrawing dividends from the account, to enable a continuous income stream from the investment if required. We have vast experience of operating these accounts, and while we provide exceptional trading insight, investment performance itself is largely dependent on your personal risk profile established when opening the account.

As funds grow, if profits are not withdrawn, further diversification may be necessary to ensure peak performance of your growing fund.

Diverse Arbitrage Managed Account

This second type of managed account operates differently, with funds kept entirely as an individual account for maximum performance, and here the minimum deposit is $50,000 or Bitcoin equivalent. The principal deposit may be withdrawn after just one year with this type of account, with profits available to withdraw after four months.

These accounts are operated by our most skilled and experienced brokers, who work in tandem with a top analyst and our team of experienced, successful traders, ensuring that profit potential and overall performance is the highest possible. In this way, your account growth can take advantage of multiple opportunities across a range of markets to deliver the gains that you are looking for.

If you are unsure which managed account is suitable for your needs, please get in touch, our friendly, expert team will guide you through the process and help you choose the right vehicle for your funds.