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What is TradeCx?

TradeCX offers the option of a fully managed trading account that trades through our professional analysts, or our cryptocurrency account, that utilizes four full-time trading systems to place trades within the client’s account should they wish. The aim is to deliver the opportunity that todays currency markets represent to normal traders in a way that they have always been excluded from in the past.

91.3% Profitable Months**

Upto 89% PROFIT per Trade**


With over 35 years of success in a variety of markets, including Gold, Silver, Platinum and various currency trading, we understand what it takes to bring constant profitability to trading today. The combination of these new currency markets and our strategic approach provides normal investors with the chance to enjoy the massive rewards those markets represent.

With a strategy that has proven to provide the dramatic profits that our clients love, we use global data and fundamental analysis to deliver results that stretch over more than 2,500 trades, exceeding our own profitability projections to deliver up to 89% profit per trade and an astounding 91% of winning months.

Our platform

With no software or downloads, we make it easy to get involved and enjoy the profitability of this amazing opportunity, our top-rated platform provides not just trading but all support provision as well in one easy to use interface.

Our education provision allows even new traders to learn and understand the markets, and with guidance from our own strategies, gain an in-depth understanding of the markets themselves and develop winning strategies of their own. With our brokers on hand to offer advice, we ensure that you never trade alone, and our friendly, helpful service backed up with high levels of knowledge and insight ensure that our clients have the ultimate in trading support, whatever stage of their trading journey they are on.

We can even help you accept Bitcoins as part of your daily business, offering comprehensive guidance for integrating digital currencies into your Ecommerce activities.