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Trades Placed in YOUR Account

You maintain full control of YOUR broker account, and you will see our trades placed in real-time. You never lose access or control of your account OR your funds.

Our Unique Services

A Cutting Edge Cryptocurrency Trading Platform

Using the highest levels of security protection we hold account funds in their own separate account for customer safety and peace of mind, with complete online security ensuring all client funds are monitored and protected.

We are a "safety-first," crypto-currency trading company, and focus on ensuring the safety of all clients, including transaction checks and other processes to maintain the integrity of the platform. Trading itself is strictly monitored to ensure our clients are protected from potential security threats and other concerns.

With complete end-to-end encrypted wallets, we deliver the secure, trustworthy environment that allows you to enjoy the opportunities currency trading provides in safety, giving peace of mind and safety for all.

All our clients benefit from:

  • A trained team of security professionals
  • TradeCx uses a multi-layered architecture structure to maintain complete security
  • TradeCx's secure, robust trading platform
  • Crypto-currency trading
  • Educational trading
  • Exchange services
  • Full management of Bitcoin Account Trading
  • BTC and Alt Coins Liquidation along with Cross Border Payments