Why TradeCx - Best Bitcoin Trading Platform

We were the top-ranked bitcoin robot trading service in 2014 and 2015 and have over 18,300 clients all over the world.


Trade with Us?

At TradeCX we deliver the complete package for our clients, delivering not just the best platform, with fast, responsive performance, but the best infrastructure that allows you to focus on what matters, your trades.

We understand that having the fast, robust trading platform that allows you to stay ahead of the market is crucial to trading success, but that successful traders need more than the platform. That is why we have that incredible, cutting-edge platform, but also deliver the educational support and community driven investing strategies that ensure no one has to trade in isolation or alone.

We understand that support means more than being there to deal with any issues, it means being there all the time, which is why our comprehensive educational content and implemented trading strategies are always there to help your trading, delivering profit and success, transforming lives and building wealth. Using a multi-temporal model, those trading strategies have delivered consistent gains, and in combination with our commitment to training and education, ensures that TradeCX customers have all the tools they need, all of the time.

While there are strategies to guide traders, the platform is flexible enough to deliver the performance needed for any trading approach, allowing independent traders to leverage their skills and knowledge to build profits and enjoy the freedom of our versatile infrastructure that allows trading on multiple different devices. Meanwhile, our Managed Account offers a completely automated solution that delivers all the benefits of Bitcoin to those still on the journey towards fully understanding digital currencies and the opportunities they represent.

Through clear and proven strategies, we offer steady growth and consistent profits, bringing a complete trading experience for all clients. Join a successful investing team that seeks high ROI, because as we at TradeCx understand, strategy is everything in the digital currency trading world.